Live Inventory

Empower your organisation with secure online access to inventory and dispatching. Our WMS allows customers to create the orders online, with complete visibility to stock and easy to use simplicity.

Pick and Pack

A part of the supply chain management process. Have individual components of an order picked and packaged in cartons to your specification. Orders can be dispatched via courier, picked up or delivered.

Economies of Scale

Utilise inherent expand-ability of the 3PL business model. Get the scalability of larger organisation whilst remaining agile and independent in your decision making. Outsource your logistics and grow faster than ever before.

The MTM Fulfilment Centre

The following steps are about as simple as it gets when it comes to getting help with your fulfilment needs. MTM Transport and Logistics tries to simply the process as much as possible.


3PL is not for everyone but it might be for you. Communicate your handling needs. Get in contact with our team.


We come to an agreement on Price, structure, involvement, needs. A contract is [digitally] signed


Organise for product to be sent to our fulfilment centre. Stock will then be optimised for quick pick procedures.


Be it Email or Entering via Portal or EDI/API link. As long as we know what to send where- We'll pick, pack and dispatch the goods for you.


What a small cross section of our customer base have to say about MTM Transport and logistics as their main logistics provider.