Carrier Aggregation

Carrier aggregation is somewhat frowned upon in the world of Transport and logistics. It’s a filthy thing that screws over the carrier and provides penny pinches a dollar in the pocket. The franchisee hates it and guess what? So do we. I would love to put a pretty sticker on MTM transport and logistics that says “powered by our favourite Truckie”.

Unfortunately only a fool would be able to look at a single carrier and say this one company can do it all. Every freight company, carrier, man with a van and a plan has their strengths and weaknesses. The person whom we trust to get your stock across the country is not the same person we trust to get your goods down the road.

Its a highly competitive world and it’s worse within Transport. Luckily however, everyone knows this and each carrier has found their little speciality.

Carriers we choose to use:

  • Fastway
  • Couriers Please
  • Sendle (an Aggregation tool in their own right)
  • TNT
  • Auspost
  • UME Deliveries
  • MTM Tranport (Yes, we do deliveries to!)
  • Hunter Express

Who we send goods with is a part of the secret sauce that is MTM, so do not think that the above list is exhaustive in any way. Whats more is we don’t always pick the cheapest option. There is always a trade off between reliability and cost, on a weekly basis we review metrics and we keep our ear to the ground as well.

What we can promise is that whichever carrier we pick, we pick to ensure reliability and a reasonable turn around time.


This is where it get’s tricky- The easiest way to demonstrate what our rates are would be to ask you to look at sendles rates for small parcels. The PRO rate column is the one to look at.

This is difficult to quote, what we can do however is create a child account in our aggregation tool of choice (starshipIT) to use at your own business. There are some caveats but with a little tweaking and a fee of $70 per month, you can borrow our negotiated rates.