Essentials of Shipping

If you think people will buy your product just because it’s good, you’re only partially right. See, people don’t always make rational or informed decisions. Just look at Trump.

In fact, 50% of our brains are involved in visual processing. That means, 50% of what we decide is based on what we see! So, when we make a decision, more often than not, it’s instinctive and reactive.

Studies have shown that when you shop, you really only read an average of 7 words per shopping trip! Most of the time, you’re buying what you instinctively know from it’s “color, shape and familiarity of location”.

That’s why it takes so much more effort to shop at a new grocery store! Or why you might feel annoyed when your regular Coles changes up their layout.

So, how can brand draw the attention of customers?

Our brains have lots of triggers! Understanding these primal targets can help brands connect emotionally with consumers and build that dependable customer base!

Effective packaging, even for shipping, is important to your brand. We all know that thrill of excitement when you see that sexy black Sephora box in the mail. Here’s how to choose the right packaging for your product.

1. Strut your stuff

All the major brands, from Sephora to Mecca Maxima, Louis Vuitton to Burberry, or Boss to Lacoste has a unique look. It’s their signpost. They draw your eye, especially when it comes to packaging.

What is iconic packaging?

It comes down to small decisions like should you ship products in a box or in a mailer bag? Psychology tells us that pointy edges, such as those on boxes, trigger emotions such as fear or caution. These emotions demand your attention and make the product stand out in your mind.

Ta-da! Instant lasting impressions!

2. Simple Simon

Less is more mate. We live in a society that constantly engages our visual minds. Everything is beautiful, colourful and bright. So, when we see something simple it calms our minds, making us gravitate towards it.

Market research has shown that with simple and clean packaging, sales can rise up to 42% and market shares can hit 30% with no above-the-line support!

So skip the fancy designs and keep it simple!

3. Make sure ANYONE can find you

This means your packaging is so iconic that anyone can spot it. If someone is carrying around a box, do they instinctly know it’s from your brand? Does your packaging create an iconic connection in your consumers’ minds?

Try custom colours, simple logos or iconic brand names!

4. Unboxing – Priceless

It’s easy to see packaging as an optional or frivolous cost. However, the impression a brand makes when delivering their product to customers can be lasting. You might be surprised how often people will purchase items because of a pretty or instagrammable product in the mail! 52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from brands that have pretty shipped. It’s all about that unboxing experience.

Look out for our next article, where we show you how to properly protect your product when shipping!